4 Best Tips for Booking a Band for Your Wedding

4 Best Tips for booking a Band for your wedding

Wedding DJ Daniel Toop spills the goss on his experience working with Wedding Bands

As a Wedding DJ for over 14 years, and also spending 12 years working alongside cover bands in casinos and hotels, I’ve come to work with a LOT of covers bands. I’m going to give you my top tips on how to choose a band for your own wedding, birthday or corporate event. I’ve also DJ’d alongside Nightshift Band at the last Melbourne Wedding Group Christmas Ball and can give you some first hand examples.

Booking a band for your wedding can be a daunting task, there are literally thousands of bands out there and they come in all shapes, sizes and prices.

Tip Number 1

How long have the members been playing together for?

It’s important that band members have been playing together for a while to make sure they all gel together as a band. There are some bands that have different members at each event, with up to 50-60 band members. Some meet for the first time as they’re setting up at the wedding reception!

Tip Number 2

What style are you looking for?

It’s really important that you book a band that complements your personal taste in music AND is able to play songs you like while people are dancing. Bands will have certain genres that they are excel at, so it’s important that you pick the right band. Always ask to see their Playlist, which will have all the songs the band can currently play together. For example Nightshift excel at soul, groove and funk so are perfect if you want something funky and old school.

Tip Number 3

What Is their Sound System like?

Most wedding bands are required to supply a PA system for each venue. The sound system makes a huge difference to the quality of the band’s music where it’s most important (on the dance floor).

Some bands use cheap speakers, others use heavy concert-type speakers with subs and others use High definition speakers. Nightshift use a portable Nexo System which is an integrated speaker system used by the best nightclubs and bars throughout the world, as Nexo provides a very clear but not too “boomy” mix. If you’re looking for a Rock Band then you’ll probably want a band with a big concert style speaker system and massive amps.

The best thing to do is ask the band to send you their speaker brand or model number and Google it to see if it’s a legitimate brand or if it’s a knockoff or cheap piece of hardware. Professional bands will send through their equipment specs with their quote as they take pride in their equipment.

Tip Number 4

Have the band been a part of any associations or won any awards in the past?

If they have been a part of any of the wedding industry groups or won any awards then it is a great sign that they are a legitimate band as well as a legitimate business.

I met Annie from Nightshift at the MWG expo and I also know they have won 12 ABIA awards over their 18-year career, which is an amazing feat.

Another option, before you book your band, is to check reviews, photos and videos from past events on Google and Social media to make sure the band is the right choice for your wedding!


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