5 Reasons You Should Book Live Entertainment

Not sure whether to choose Live Entertainment or a DJ?
Or even, heaven forbid (run and hide!) an iPod? Let us help you decide.

1. Performance equals attraction

Next time you’re in a public venue where there’s a television, notice how many people constantly glance up to look at the screen. Know why? It’s because something active is happening on the television. The same applies for live entertainment at your event: having something visual and active happening on stage — a live performance — is far more entertaining than an iPod or DJ in the background.

2. Interaction

Musicians are interactive, it’s their job to communicate with the crowd, play to them, sing to them, maybe even get out there on the dance floor to gee things up. An iPod is inanimate and you need to do all the work yourself, loading up playlists that may not suit the moment, plus you need to trust that your designated iPod operator doesn’t get drunk. DJs are often stuck behind a desk with their equipment – a barrier, live musicians don’t have to contend with.

3. Diversion

Got a crowd that you know won’t dance? (This is common at weddings with lots of overseas guests who feel out of their comfort zone or where dancing is not their tradition). This is even more reason to have live entertainment. A live performance can still entertain guests that prefer to sit and chat as it gives them a visual and aural distraction during lulls in the conversation which could otherwise make for a long night.

4. Desire

There’s a magic about live performances that an iPod or DJ just can’t achieve. Something mystical. Think back to when you dreamed of performing yourself. Maybe you were in the shower, doing the dishes, or driving your car – were you being a singer or a guitarist perhaps? You certainly weren’t being a DJ or iPod were you? Being an on-stage entertainer is a fantasy for most of the general population and that’s why live musicians are so fascinating to your guests.

5. A Feature to Remember

In years to come, when your wedding day or corporate event has faded to a wonderful dream, what do you think people are going to remember most after all the effort and planning you put into your event? Answer: the food and the atmosphere. And atmosphere is created through music – watch a film with the sound turned off and see how much it affects you. It doesn’t. It’s missing a key component. Featured music is essential to creating the atmosphere you want.


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