Bridal Dance Oopsies

What could possibly go wrong?

It’s your wedding day and you’re taking to the dance floor, feeling nervous and excited. It’s your first dance as a married couple. All eyes are on you. You breathe deep, smile into each other’s eyes. ‘We’ve got this,’ you tell each other. You’ve been practising for weeks. Just relax and enjoy the moment. So what if you miss a little step or two? No-one will ever notice and if they do, well, it really doesn’t matter because you’re among friends and family who love you and want you to succeed. Nothing you do tonight will be wrong in their eyes.

But then … the music starts and you’re hit with sudden panic: it’s a different version, a different tempo, a different arrangement or length. All your choreography has gone out the window. Think it can’t happen?

This week we’re talking about to avoid the stress of such a horrific moment. We’ve heard of some huge disappointments for brides and grooms through miscommunication with their entertainers, so here are some questions to ask yourself when planning your choreographed bridal dance:

The questions:

a) Who is providing your music?
b) How can you ensure it will be the same version?
c) How can you practise your wedding dance with the correct version?

Here’s what happens when you don’t hire a professional entertainer:

The solutions:

1. Provide your own wedding song: if you’re using a recording to dance to, you can provide your own music for the day – most bands or DJs will be able to pay an mp3 file if you get it to them with enough time to test it on their system – that’s at least a couple of weeks prior, not a couple of days when there’s no time to fix any issues. *This is especially important if your dance teacher has edited your music in any way.

2. Ask your entertainer to provide you with a copy of their version: if your entertainer is a live band, this might be a little difficult but they should be able to provide you with a rough rehearsal copy as a guide – after all, if they’re going to be playing the song on your wedding day, they should already be able to perform it.

3. Give your entertainer the exact artist, album or single and version information – this can all be easily tracked down through iTunes so there’s no excuse for coming up with the wrong version.

Nightshift are a sequenced band (we use professional digital files) and you know what? That makes life a whole lot easier for you with your first dance as we’re able to email or post you a copy of our backing track so you’ll know exactly how the arrangement and tempo will sound. We can even change the tempo and shorten or lengthen the version for you. No big surprises on your wedding day here. Just big smiles as you complete your bridal dance to wild applause and a sigh of happiness.


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