How to design your own live wedding entertainment

Who has control over your live wedding band music?
You do of course! Well, you should!

Jess and Ryan were eager to have live entertainment at their wedding (rather than taking a risk on a DJ company who would send along someone they’d never met). But they were concerned the band would hassle their guests when it came to dance time — you know, one of those wedding bands who play what they want to play, hit people over the head with heavy dance music and continually yell at them to hit the dance floor?

A band that actually plays what the bride and groom requests

What they had in mind, was a band that would play a great mix of retro and current numbers at a reasonable volume so that guests who wanted to party could, but those who didn’t could enjoy the photobooth, or sketch artist they had provided for extra entertainment, or just chill out in the adjoining lounge.

They also hated the idea of someone they didn’t know MCing the event — their Best Man, David, is a lawyer and used to public speaking, so they were confident he could handle the event in a more personal manner.

They had already interviewed and rejected a few wedding bands before attending our showcase/viewing night (some were inflexible in how they operated and what music they would perform, others had an attitude problem), so were incredibly relieved to find that Nightshift could, and were willing to be flexible enough to fit their needs.

Happy with their decision

Ultimately, Jess and Ryan decided to go with our Trio (perfect for their size of venue) and opted for us to provide DJ music between band breaks. They agreed on a format of low key DJ music during pre-dinner drinks (a time when guests prefer to chat and catch up with each other without straining to talk) and then live music throughout the rest of the night – quiet during dinner then more volume when guests were ready to party.

David, their Best Man, was MC for the earlier part of the evening and handled the introductions, speeches, wedding cake cutting and choreographed first dance, then Nightshift took over for the remainder of the night so the David could relax and have a few drinks without stumbling over his words.

Nightshift liaised with David throughout the night to ensure everything ran smoothly, plus conversed with Jess and Ryan’s wedding photographer so that everyone was on the same page.

In the end, Jess and David found the perfect solution for their wedding entertainment! If you would like to chat with Nightshift about plans for your personally-designed wedding entertainment feel free to call us for a chat, or contact us on the details below:

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