6 Tips on How to Get the Best from a Wedding Expo

Nightshift are excited to be playing live at the Yarra Valley Wedding Expo this Sunday 9 April 2017 at Vines Helen’s Hill, so we thought we’d put together a blog with some info of how brides and grooms can get the best out of their day at a wedding expo while meeting wedding suppliers.

1. The Venue

See it when it’s all happening

First up, expos are the perfect opportunity to view a wedding venue in full flight – when it’s buzzing with activity and the staff are in action. You’ll be sure to see this at Vines Helen’s Hill, as this bridal expo is always a winner. Make sure you take advantage of viewing all areas of the venue, from the restaurant to the amazing views. Have a think about where you’d like to hold your wedding ceremony, your pre-dinner drinks and locations for those all-important wedding photos.

Once you’ve taken in the magnificent Yarra Valley views and sampled a sip of the Vines’ delicious wines and tasty treats, it’s time to move around the room and chat with exhibitors.

It may feel a little overwhelming at first with so much colour and activity, but take your time at each exhibitor’s stall, compare what they have to offer, and don’t be shy about talking with them. Ask as many questions are you like, they’re here for you, and no question is silly. This is (most likely) the first time you’re planning a wedding, so you can’t be expected to know everything.

2. Celebrants

Look for personality and experience

Melbourne seems to be teeming with celebrants at the moment – which, on one hand, is great for couples as you’re sure to eventually find one who suits you, but it also provides for a confusing decision. Tim Manger, who will be at the Yarra Valley Expo, says meeting a celebrant at an expo is a good opportunity for couples to check a celebrant’s character type, their professionalism, and their overall experience (both as a celebrant, and as a public speaker).

He says, “Remember that the type of character you select, will largely dictate the flavour of your wedding ceremony. Whereas their professionalism and experience should elevate your special day, giving you an absolute feeling of confidence that the procedural elements are under control.”

We think Tim’s onto something here, especially when it comes to anxious brides and grooms who are feeling the pressure of having only one chance to get it right. He says, “An experienced celebrant should also be able to relax your nerves (on your big day), coordinate your guests, and seamlessly deliver a ceremony that is unforgettable.”

3. Entertainment

Listen live to who you are booking

What better way to see a wedding band in action than at an actual wedding venue? Although the musicians won’t be able to rock out completely – exhibitors and couples still need to chat – it’s an opportunity to hear bands play live at ‘dinner music volume’. Annie from Nightshift Band says expos are the perfect opportunity to see the actual musos who will be turning up to your wedding. “With us, it’s a matter of ‘What You See Is What You Get’. It’s good practice to ask your band if they guarantee this.” She says is also a chance to ask about the band’s music styles. ‘Our repertoire is designed to appeal to couples who are a little more discerning about their wedding entertainment. It’s a bit funkier and groovier than your standard wedding band. Think James Brown, Bruno Mars and Jamiroquai.”

4. Bomboniere / Chocolates

Get help with your personalised design

Bomboniere is another must-have and Tamara from Chocolate Works always has a huge array of beautifully presented sweet ideas on display, including personalised chocolates in all shapes, sizes and designs. She says expos are a great opportunity for couples to see what other couples have ordered for their owning weddings, and to ask a supplier about what will be on-trend in the coming months. Talk to her about your budget and timeframe and she’ll be sure to come up with something personalised just for you. From glitzy red sparkles to elegant black and white, Chocolate Works can also design matching wedding stationery so your wedding theme is complete.

5. Hair and Make Up

See an artist in action

Hair and Make is an all-important part of any bride’s wedding day, and expos are a fantastic opportunity to meet with mobile hair and makeup artists to talk about, not only the latest hair and makeup styles, but what will suit you as an individual. Kerrie from Magical Makeovers says her stylists are often doing on-the-spot styling at expos, so brides can see her artists in action and view the before and after effects results in real life. Kerrie always has lots of albums on display at expos so you can see what styles recent brides have chosen and you can chat with a stylist to see what hair and makeup styles will suit your face shape and personality.

6. Cakes and Desserts

Taste the flavour

Personally, we always make a point of visiting the Regnier Cakes exhibit as it’s a feast for the eyes: so much colour and deliciousness! Melina always has fresh cake samples on hand for brides and grooms to taste and compare her amazing flavours. Melina says expos are a great opportunity to meet your cake maker in person and talk about the latest trends in cake designs. And don’t forget desert buffets, including donut stacks, which are hugely popular right now. Seeing a cake in real-life is often different from on a website and this is the perfect time to chat with your other half about preferences when they can see the choices right there in front of them.

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